Dry Railway Port in Małaszewicze is breaking records in receiving cargo deliveries from Asia. This is where an important element of the New Silk Road – the Logistic Park – is to be built. Its construction is to start next year.

The number of shipments from Asia going via the dry railway port in Małaszewicze increased by 90% in QI this year. For comparison, the port handled only 10% of deliveries from China in 2019. The coronavirus pandemic is one of the reasons. But, according to representatives of CARGOTOR – the port operator – this has not been a coincidence and the situation proves that building the Logistic Park here may pay off.

Małaszewicze is crossed by one of the shortest railway routes connecting Western Europe and Asia. Therefore, the port is going to be among the key hubs included in the New Silk Road. Not only the region, but Poland may also benefit from this development.

The present daily throughput capacity for the broad-gauge track is 12.5 trains, while the planned one is 50. The project will cost € 700 million and will is part of a broader plan to build the Central Transport Hub near Warsaw.

source: lublin.tvp.pl