It was attended by local government officials from the Lublin region and southern Podlasie: the Marshal of the Lublin Voivodeship Jarosław Stawiarski, the deputy starost of Biała Janusz Skólimowski and the mayor of Terespol, Jacek Danieluk. The big economy was represented by the president of Cargotor, Andrzej Sokolewicz and the small entrepreneurs from the region were represented by Tomasz Paszkowski from TP Logis. With an expert voice, the discussion – naturally dominated by the subject of transport and logistics – was supplemented by Bartosz Kaczmarek from the Republican Foundation

Małaszewicze is not only a gate to Europe for China, it is also our gate to their local markets – added Andrzej Sokolewicz, President of Cargotor, who was responsible for the construction of a huge dry port on the border with Belarus. This is our national good, an opportunity that previous generations did not have. Our government understands this perfectly well, hence the actions to build new infrastructure.

The construction of the Logistic Park Malaszewicze is an opportunity for the whole of Poland, especially for eastern Poland. We want to intensify Polish but also European exports by rail towards Asia, so that Polish food, wood and computer games are exported to Asia. We want to gain more benefits for the Polish state from such exports to Asia. Each increase in capacity and trade in goods from China will increase the fiscal revenues of the Polish state.

The foundation of our operation is people and location. People and location without money and infrastructure mean nothing. Małaszewicze is our place like the jewel in the crown in terms of its geographical location. The opportunity for the people is 3,000 new jobs with a future and in order to fill these jobs in the future, we have to take care of it today and develop vocational education. Based on new technologies that will be present in the future and not those that are present in Małaszewicze today. Activities will be carried out to retrain employees or to further educate them. We also have to think about our youth, so that they learn in terms of railways that will allow them to meet the requirements related to work in Małaszewicze in the future, said Andrzej Sokolewicz, President of Cargotor.

Jarosław Stawiarski did not hide the fact that the Lublin region is counting on a revival of economic relations with China. – We can be a great gate, the so-called silk road. Rail transport is starting to compete with maritime transport. Our location is a great opportunity – said Stawiarski.

Local entrepreneurs and employees will also benefit from large infrastructure investments. The construction of Via Carpatia and the A-2 motorway entails smaller, but crucial from the point of view of the inhabitants, investments in Terespol and other towns in the region. It is also an opportunity for companies that will implement them on site and good work for the residents.