Małaszewicze Cargo Terminal will undergo a major modernisation. Its administrator is planning to redevelop the cargo handling stations and to upgrade the infrastructure to modern standards. CARGOTOR – the PKP CARGO Group member – signed a contract for a feasibility study and a building permit design with the French Systra group.

The value of the task exceeds PLN 6 million. – It is our priority project for the nearest years. – Małaszewicze Cargo Terminal is a key hub on the logistic map of Europe, especially recently, when the New Silk Road project has moved from the planning phase to actual implementation, its development dynamics being extremely high.  – says Mr Jacek Rutkowski, CEO at CARGOTOR, the infrastructure operator in the PKP CARGO Group.

The volume of cargo carried by rail between China, Poland and Western Europe keeps growing. The mass of containerised cargo transported via these routes over the first six months this year was by nearly 90% greater than in the same period of the last year.

The increasing transportation tasks have enforced improvements to the infrastructure, as well as the elimination of technical and organisational barriers to cargo handling, including the transportation time reduction.

The advance would be through increasing the volume of cargo carried by one train and through increasing the daily number of trains handled. Furthermore, the Company is planning to offer customs clearance on the tracks receiving inbound and outbound traffic and to provide the infrastructural arrangements required for this purpose.

The entire development will also include some other sub-projects. The rearrangement of the track system design and development of the contact line system will be one of them. The traffic control centre will be in charge of the whole Terminal operation. To increase the throughput capacity, the existing cargo handling stations will be expanded and new will be added. In two other sub-projects, office and staff facilities will be built, workshop, machine and storage equipment will be provided and parking spaces covered by a security system will be created.

Not only the infrastructure will be upgraded to meet the growing needs and to increase the throughput capacity of the Małaszewicze terminal. As Ryszard Jacek Wnukowski from the PKP Cargo SA Press Office explains, the project also result in faster customer service procedures, as expected by the Chinese side, and in staff numbers adequate to the increased workload. This includes train crews, manoeuvring crews, train checkers and cargo inspectors.