“Near” deadline for the issuance of the PLM construction permits. Cargotor with the “Marka Lubelskie” certificate.

By |2021-08-31T09:53:20+02:00August 31st, 2021|News|

The construction of the Logistics Park in Małaszewicze (LPM) is of exceptional [...]

In a pandemic, we are saved by the railway, but only because of the blockade of the Suez Canal can we see the real potential of rail transport

By |2021-07-20T15:54:42+02:00May 17th, 2021|News|

The period of the coronavirus pandemic associated with the reduction of air, se [...]

The second day of the Poland-Asia Approach Forum 2021 was opened by a panel devoted to the regional dimension of cooperation with the Far East

By |2021-07-20T15:52:56+02:00April 2nd, 2021|News|

It was attended by local government officials from the Lublin region and southe [...]

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