The modernisation of Małaszewicze Cargo Terminal and the plan to build Europe’s largest Logistic Park there attracts increasingly more attention.

Let us remember that Małaszewicze is one of the most important points of the New Silk Road connecting Asia and Europe. The plan to modernise Małaszewicze Cargo Terminal was devised in response to the growing trade exchange between the European Union and China. Małaszewicze Logistic Park is planned to cover an area of ca. 30 km2 and is expected to play a key role in the intermodal transport.

On January 22nd 2020, CARGOTOR, the railway infrastructure operator at Małaszewicze Cargo Terminal, hosted Ignacy Góra Dr Eng.,  CEO of the Railway Transport Office (UTK). The meeting was held as an on-site visit: representatives of CARGOTOR and of the Polish railway market regulator visited the area of the planned project. The UTK CEO was presented with the feasibility study details, as well as with the opportunities and benefits for not only the region, but the whole country as well.

The Railway Transport Office is the central government’s regulatory body for issues that include, but are not limited to the railway transport market regulation, the railway transport licensing, technical supervision over the railway lines and vehicles operation and maintenance, as well as the railway traffic safety. The vision of Małaszewicze Logistic Park presented to UTK attracted much attention and raised interest in further co-operation in bringing the vision into life.