The company informs that on August 29, 2021, the highest capacity result in history was achieved in this part of the New Silk Road.

On that day, 18 outgoing trains and 15 entry trains passed through the broad-gauge infrastructure of this independent board for the first time, which gives an average daily result of 16.5 broad-gauge trains per day.

This highest ever result shows the high flexibility of the track system and confirms the possibility of increasing its use.

Achieving such a result and obtaining its repeatability requires strict synchronization of the activities of all participants in the logistics process as well as the institutional managers and carriers involved.

When asked about the impact of the complex situation on the Polish-Belarusian border on the transport work in Małaszewicze, Andrzej Sokolewicz CEO of CARGOTOR answered briefly: “we are doing our job”.

Małaszewicze confirms its unique position in the transcontinental trade in goods on the New Silk Road.