On 28th November, a train from Japan arrived at Małaszewicze. The 24-car train left Vladivostok on 18th November and covered the distance of 11,000 km in only 216 hours, to enter the territory of Poland and EU on 28th November. The check and clearance took no time at all and the train was directed to its destination station.

It is worth stressing that the freight connection between Japan and EU via Małaszewicze was initiated as a result of the study visit paid by representatives of the Japanese Ministry of Infrastructure in CARGOTOR on 20th February 2020.

Let us remind that the main idea behind the CARGOTOR’s project “Modernisation of the Railway Infrastructure at the Małaszewicze Terminal Area of Corridor 8 of Freight Lines at the EU – Belarus Border Crossing” – design studies” is to significantly increase the Małaszewicze Logistic Park throughput capacity. As a result, the Park will become one of Europe’s major cargo handling hubs. It will also deserve the name of a key point on the New Silk Road, expected to improve the intermodal transport between Asia and the Old Continent.

CARGOTOR – an independent railway infrastructure operator – owns an extensive railway infrastructure, which includes normal gauge tracks (1435 mm), a significant part of which (18 tracks) have been electrified.