The main idea behind the CARGOTOR’s project “Modernisation of the Railway Infrastructure at the Małaszewicze Terminal Area of Corridor 8 of Freight Lines at the EU – Belarus Border Crossing” – design studies” is to significantly increase the Małaszewicze Logistic Park throughput capacity. As a result, the Park will become one of Europe’s major cargo handling hubs. It will also deserve the name of a key point on the New Silk Road, expected to improve the intermodal transport between Asia and the Old Continent. Covering the area of 30 km2, Małaszewicze might become the most modern transshipment hub in Europe. It is worth adding that modernisation also means a realistic chance for enhancing the economic situation of the region and local community.

The Future begins today – CARGOTOR is already recording record-breaking volumes of cargo mass transported by rail. 

Due to the complex and compound nature of the whole undertaking, the feasibility study contains, beside the planned tasks, some additional elements, such as: the construction of a new collection in the Municipality of Terespol, non-discriminating access to the fuel station for all carriers, a proposal to upgrade the local roads so as to accommodate the expected cargo handling capacity of Małaszewicze Logistic Park – including flyovers in Kobylany and Zaborze.

Currently, a building permit design is being prepared. This task is planned to be completed in QIV this year.

On 31st July 2020, an agreement on a joint project to remodel four railway-road crossings was signed by CARGOTOR and the Municipality of Piszczac, as part of the collaboration with the local authorities.