Representatives of the Lubelskie Voivodeship Office, headed by Voivode Lech Sprawka and V-ce Voivode Bolesław Gzik, visited Małaszewicze Cargo Terminal. They also travelled to Terespol and Kobylany with CARGOTOR CEO, Andrzej Sokolewicz.

A working meeting dedicated to the modernisation of Małaszewicze Cargo Terminal was held at CARGOTOR’s headquarters in Małąszewicze. Representatives of the Lubleskie Voivodeship Office, Voivode Lech Sprawka, V-ce Voivode Bolesław Gzik and CARGOTOR CEO Andrzej Sokolewicz were accompanied by Mr Jacek Szcząchor, Commander of the Nadbużański Division of the Polish Border Guard, Mr Damian Wierak, Director of Lubelskie Board for Border Crossings Maintenance in Chełm and representatives of CARGOTOR: Mr Andrzej Gomoła, Director of the Railway Traffic Office, Mr Cezary Mitrus, Projects and Development Director, Ms Monika Jaroszuk, Head Office Manager, Ms Katarzyna Seliga,Project Documentation Specialist.

Participants of the meeting visited Terespol, where a new broad-gauge railway station is being built. The railway station in Kobylany was also visited. The representatives of CARGOTOR presented the current transport handling situation. Let us remember that the traffic in Małaszewicze Cargo Terminal has reached an unprecedented scale and the existing track system its working at its maximum capacity. The presentation also outlined the inputs and goals of CARGOTOR’s infrastructural project. Thereafter, the delegates visited the construction site at Kobylany Zachodnie railway station.

Let us remember that the main purpose of the Małaszewicze Cargo Terminal modernisation project is to increase its daily throughput capacity up to 55 pairs if trains. Thus, it will become one of Europe’s major cargo handling hubs. It will also deserve the name of a key point on the New Silk Road, expected to improve the intermodal transport between Asia and the Old Continent.